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Healthy Lifestyle

     Our life style can be described as active, busy or sedentary. I like these descriptions because they explain a lot. If we are active, then we are actively walking, cycling, weight training or anything more than daily regular activity. Busy is just someone that works and does some walking or performs physical labor. But sedimentary means we are very inactive.

     For our minds, and our bodies, we need to have more activity than just working or being busy. I hear people say, "I am on my feet a lot during the day", but our bodies get use to this. We need to do something several times a week that pushes our bodies more than the daily norm.

     This is where you have to find something you can enjoy and be able to make it a routine. Going for a walk each evening is a great start for many. Gym memberships don't always fit everyone, but there is a lot you can do from home.

     As a diabetic, I have found that building muscle mass is a great help to controlling my glucose numbers. Muscles help absorb the sugars as we eat, having more muscle mass has been one of my focuses. I find that lifting weights is my favorite activity, I use to go to a gym, but I found I do better with this at home. I have a cable weight machine and a stationary bike, this gives me the muscle work out along with some cardio. 

    I know exercising is hard for a lot of people, but if you want to have a healthy body and mind, you need to build this into you lifestyle. This is key for me, if I go without for several days I feel it, as we age we need to continue to exercise.

Lifting Barbells

My Exercise Plan

This is a very basic plan that anyone can do.

     I do some sort of strength training three times a week, for 60 minutes per session, I also do two 45 minutes sessions of yoga a week, with two days of rest.

    The yoga has really helped with my flexablitly at my age. 

     I just encourage you do whatever you can to get some physical exercise, several times a week.

Yoga on SUP
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