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Benefits of Yoga

If you are exploring your health over fifty, yoga may be a great option. Yoga is one form of exercise that gets debated on whether it is strenuous enough to be considered exercise, this is usually coming from the die heard weightlifters or major cardio people. Well I have not done much yoga, but I recently have been doing a 21 shred from DailyOm.

It is not a body building exercise and it is not intended to be, but it is toning areas that my lifting will never hit. As I have aged, I have found my flexibility has decrease, yoga has helped with this and I am feeling much better. I created a list of the many benefits you can see from including yoga in your life.

· Decrease stress

· Increased flexibility

· Reduce inflammation

· Increased muscle strength and tone

· Help with depression and anxiety

· Improved respiration

· Maintaining a balanced metabolism

· Weight control

· Heart health

· Promote quality sleep

· Improved athletic performance

· Reduce chronic pain

· Protection from injury

· Improve your overall quality of life

The benefits from a 20-minute yoga session are huge and this is something you can easily do at home. I signed up with DailyOm and I can reuse any class I have purchased. I have a TV in my exercise room, I mirror my iPad to my TV, and I am ready to go.

Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years and there are so many different types, I am sure anyone can find something that fits their level and interest. For you diabetics, a 20-minute yoga session will drop your blood sugar faster than any other exercise I have done for 20 minutes. Explore and find something you enjoy, and I think you will find it will become a healthy habit

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