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Today is Thanksgiving and a very different Thanksgiving for me. Normally this would be a day of family, food and laziness. Well this year will go down in our memories of a very bad year. This Thanksgiving will also be part of this crazy year. My Wife and I our going through the COVID_19 virus. I was diagnosed a few days ago and my Wife was diagnosed yesterday. The kids living in our house were negative, so we are isolated in our bedroom to keep the rest of the family of catching it. We won't be doing Thanksgiving dinner this year, I can't taste and just don't feel to well. With all of that it will be a different Thanksgiving.

I am still very thankful for many things. My close and distant family, my work so I can provide for my family and my health. Even though I am sick right now, I know that I am going to be OK and that my practice of taking care of myself will help me recover quickly.

At times like this we can easily fall off our healthy life style. You don't feel well enough to exercise, to fix healthy meals or just get some activity. But you know what, that is just fine. It is OK for us to take a break, it is OK to mend and repair ourselves and it is OK to just be patient. I know I will get right back to my lifestyle when I am able to. We can't use setbacks like this to totally derail our lifestyle we have created. Just give yourself a break and get back when the time is right.

I am here to tell you that COVID is real and it can knock you down. Don't take this lightly, it is so very contagious. We were being very careful, working from home, doing all the precautions and we still picked it up. Take care of yourself, be safe and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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