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Fats or Carbs!

In several of my last posts I have mentioned some of my health issues that I am dealing with. When dealing with diabetes, I am constantly pushed to control your carbs, over the years I have done well with controlling carbs. But recently I am dealing with a fatty liver and an enlarged spleen. The corrective measures my Doctor wants me to follow, is reducing my fats. I have always felt like the fats help balance by spikes in my blood sugar, so I never worried to much about my fats. Now with low carbs and low fats, it is making it much more difficult to find meals to fix. I do eat a lot of salads, but I cannot live on only salads. I have always been a meat eater, but I see this possibly changing.

This process that I am going through right now is getting to look a lot like a vegan lifestyle. Not that that is bad, I just never saw myself as a vegan. I have eliminated all dairy, a big portion of flour and sugar. But I like a little meat, but to reduce my fats I am going to need to cut my meat out. Maybe a little chicken, fish and turkey. But I just bought a half of beef! well I guess my health is more important than eating my purchased beef.

I know it took me time to reduce my love of carbs, bread and pasta still is my biggest struggle, but been doing well. But I think the reduction of fats is harder. I use to put cheese on everything. I know I will over come this and if your dealing with anything similar I know you can too.

This past weekend we cleaned up the garden, so no more home grown veggies. We also are headed into winter and the holiday's, this is a very hard time to maintain your eating healthy lifestyle. But the more we make this a lifestyle and part of our everyday life, the more success we can all have.

When you read my title, Fat or Carbs!, which is harder for you to control? Shoot me a message and let me know your secrets on creating a healthy eating lifestyle.

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