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Healthy Set Backs

Sometimes we are working hard at a healthy lifestyle. We are eating right, we are exercising and making sure we have all the nutrients our bodies need, but then we have a health issue. Having a strong healthy lifestyle does not guarantee, we will need have health issues.

I am a diabetic, have been a type 2 for many years. In this time I have been told I have a fatty liver. I have done all of the things you should do to repair your liver. But I am still struggling to get any improvement with my liver. I recently had and ultrasound and it is still a fatty liver. But they have also determined that I have an enlarged spleen. This is most common when you liver is over worked and the spleen has to pick up what the liver is not doing. Like most of us I start googling the issues and then we get all freaked out about what could be happening.

I think I will be doing a liver biopsy over the next few weeks. They need to determine what damage is happening to my liver. I will let you know what the out come is of all of this. My hope is that I need to tweak some of my eating happens or something simple.

But this brings me back to our set backs. As we age we will have health issue that pop up. We can't let these health issue define us or end our healthy streak. I am sure we will rebound from any issues better if we are leading a healthy lifestyle. I have not stopped my healthy lifestyle, it just may push me to get a little better. I am at a good weight, but I still could drop a little more. I am not perfect with my eating, so I could do a little better. We all have room to improve, so take any issues as a challenge to get your health even better.

Also if anyone had had similar issues, please let me know your story or success!

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