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Managing Your Food at Work

With my diabetes, I am constantly doing some type of personal trial. This last week I did location visits with all the locations I manage. We were doing employee appreciation lunches and breakfasts. So I wanted to see what would happen if I let go of my good eating habits. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had catered/fast food breakfast and lunch, on Friday just breakfast. I still picked the healthiest choice and I had a healthy dinner at home. I also did my normal exercise routine, so with everything consistent except of my breakfast and lunch.

I watched my resting heart rate slowly increase, my blood pressure slightly increase and my insulin amounts had to go up. Many of these meals were a breakfast sandwich or burrito and lunch was a sandwich. The biggest change was the amount of bread that I added and probably some sugar. I always find it interesting how much food plays into our daily health, food can heal us or hurt us depending on the type we choose to eat.

We all have to work, we have events in our lives that we can't control what there is to eat and this can make it seem so difficult to maintain healthy eating. So how do we find a balance in our daily lives and what we eat? I know when I do my own meal prep and take my food with me, I am always more successful in my eating habits. One of my easy and quick work lunches is a bag of fresh veggies, some type of cold meat, preferably a chicken breast, and a couple of cheese sticks. This keeps my blood sugar in check, usually no insulin and is easy to eat anywhere. I also like to prepare salads, another healthy meal choice.

Eating healthy at work takes a little effort and some planning. There are those times, depending on your job, that you have to eat out. I have found that salads are usually the best option, but you can get a sandwich and drop the bread. A good piece of chicken or fish broiled without a sauce or gravy and mixed veggies is also good. You have to consciously try hard to find the things that work for you. I have several meeting this week that will be in office lunches, I am going to take my own lunch and see if I do better this week. Good luck in finding what works for you.

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