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Muscle Mass benefits Diabetics

One of the factors I have always pushed for myself is working out. Not only does the exercise help but muscle mass can help pre-diabetics and diabetics. This articles does a great job of explaining how muscle mass can reduce your chances of diabetics. In Medical New Today, Diabetes: Could Muscle Strength Lower Risks? It mentions a possible 30% reduction of risk.

So what about people that already have diabetes? Yes it can help you also. To back up my statement I found this article from WebMD, Building Muscle Mass May Lower Diabetes Risk. It goes on to state that each 10% increase in the skeletal muscle index, there is an 11% reduction in insulin resistance.

I will tell you from experience that my gain in muscle has helped with the amount of insulin I use. This is because the muscle will help burn the sugar and less insulin is needed. This is why I promote the balance of eating, exercise and nutrients. Multiple actions produce better results. Get out and build those muscles.

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