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My Personal Fix

For years I have been focusing on my health, in November of 2019, I put a bigger emphasis on my exercising. I added some pieces of equipment to a room in my basement. This has been the best think I could have done, considering the COVID pandemic. I consistently have my resting heart rate below 60 BPM.

I got sent to work from home the second week of March, I decided to put a huge focus on food, while I was just stuck at home. My wife and I started a 10-day cleanse and food fix 10 days ago. The focus was to eliminate flour, sugar, dairy and meats, while doing a cleanse. We started with 2 days of raw veggies and fruits, then did three days of straight, fresh, cold pressed juice. I enjoy the juice cleanse; I do a least one a year. After the juice it is 2 more days of raw fruits and veggies. Then we did three days of recipes from the Fix it With Food book, written by Michael Symon. Tonight, we will introduce chicken, we will add different meats every three days and see how we feel. After we have been through a few meats we will introduce dairy in the same manner. This is all about seeing how different foods effect our bodies.

I want to preface this statement with the fact that all our bodies are different, and this may not work for everyone. I also was checking my blood pressure and blood sugar every two hours through this process.

My results have been amazing. At day four I stopped using any short-term insulin, now note I took insulin with every meal. I still take a long acting insulin every night, but that has been reduced. I have also cut my blood pressure medications in half. I feel great and never thought I could get my insulin usage down.

Is this sustainable? I am not sure at this point, as I add more foods back, I may see the insulin dependency come back. At that point I will have to decide whether I can continue to eat without whatever food caused the change.

This is all been a very interesting experiment on my own body. Working from home has allowed me to control this much easier. As I start going back to working outside the house it gets more challenging to always eat perfect. But this is something I will need to be better at.

I will keep the information coming about how well this is helping. Sign up for updates.

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