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New Year’s Goals

How well are you at holding to your New Year’s goals or resolutions? The new year is often the time people decide they are going to make a change with themselves. But Statistics show that many don’t stick with it. Here is an article explaining the statistics. “Forty-five percent of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each year. Only 25 percent of those who make resolutions successfully carry their resolutions past the first week of January. A mere eight percent are successful in achieving their goals. A large percentage (about 38 percent) of New Year’s Resolutions made each year are related to weight and fitness. In some cases, failure to achieve those resolutions could hold negative health consequences. What is it that holds us back from achieving the resolutions we make? What can we do to ensure the resolutions we make will be more than an unattainable goal, but a reality?”

If you are planning to create a New Year’s resolution around a healthier you, then you need to create a plan that will work for you. Set realistic goals that are attainable, create milestones so you can have successes and take your goal serious. I see people to often set a goal that is something that may take years and they quickly give up because they can see that they are not going to make it. Let’s break this down.

Let’s say you want to change your eating habits. Create a long-term goal of what you what this goal to look like when you are at the place you are envisioning. Write down so you can truly visualize. Then break this down into small manageable steps that you can celebrate when you accomplish. Maybe one is to cut dairy out of your diet. Create a goal to eliminate milk and substitute nut milk. When you have accomplished this, then look at eliminating cheese. Do this in small steps over a longer period, you will find that it is easier, and your chance of succeeding will be more attainable.

This same process can be used for exercising, losing weight, or lowering blood pressure. It takes time and you cannot tackle everything at one time. Be patient and work towards a lifestyle change rather than a short-term goal. The more we look at a true change and not just a quick fix, we will have a more manageable plan.

I hope you all can find success in this new year and stay safe.

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