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Signs of Progress

For the last several years, after I was diagnosed with diabetes, I thought I was eating a fairly healthy diet. I also had been working out at least three times a week. But as I have found out, I was not putting enough effort into my health. This spring, with the work from home directive from the company I work for, I decided to ramp up my efforts with food and exercise. You can read some of my other blogs for more detail. But in short, I did a ten-day cleanse and have eliminated sugar, flour, and dairy from my diet. I have also added a shred yoga class into my exercising. I just want to share some of my results.

The first thing I have noticed was the change in my resting heart rate. I was above 70 last fall and now my average for June is 51. It looks like it is stabilizing at the same time, I use to bounce up and down more. I am 56 and I have a resting heart rate of a physically fit athlete.

The other number I watch is my heart rate variability, this number is climbing. The high the number the more time between beats. This means my heart is not working as hard as it used to. I feel good, I have lost some weight and my body is getting more toned.

I also have stopped taking any short term (after meal) insulin. I was expecting this to change as I came off my cleanse, but still holding well. There are so many things I could talk about at this point, I just am so surprised at how much food, exercise and nutrients help our bodies correct and improve.

You can contact me for more information. One of my goals in life is to help others that are struggling with their health. I am not expert, just a person working on my own health.

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