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Staying Motivated

If you read my last post, you see I have been doing some yard work. These are the times I loose track of my consistent program of healthy eating and consistent exercise. In the evenings after work and on weekends I have been digging up grass, fixing sprinklers and putting my landscape back for my additional concrete. I get doing this and I tend to justify to my self, that I have exercised enough. Then that leads to not planning meals as well and then I don't track my blood sugar as well. I know it could be worse, like doing this and just binge watching TV.

I was out working in the yard and I came to the conclusion that I need to balance things out. So my focus in October is to get my program back on track before the holidays hit.

What are the things that sabotage your healthy lifestyle? Are you aware of the things that sabotage you and your progression?

I know that when I miss a few days of exercising, I think that it is too hard to get in the groove again, but then when I finally get going I find that I am fine and that is just an excuse. We all have things that can get us off track, but as long as we recognize them and don't completely give up, we will be fine.

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