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Still Progressing

It has been a couple of weeks from my last post. I just wanted to give an another update to the last few posts.

I have been following a plan with a coach and some specific products. All of this along with counting my macros. At this point it is a pretty major calorie reduction but this will start to increase as I come close to my maintenance weight. I have dropped 12 pounds in 3 weeks, I have a lot more energy and my blood sugar numbers are better than they ever have been.

I want to remind everyone that all of our bodies are different and this may not be the best plan for you. When I mention my calorie intake I see that awful look on peoples faces. I recently was bashed on Facebook for mentioning my calorie intake, not everyone can lose weight eating 2000 calories a day. We each have to find that spot that works for ourselves, I have been trying to find that spot for 18 years. Creating a healthy lifestyle takes time and it is also dependent on how many years have you been in the not healthy lifestyle. Learning a little here and a little there is my experience.

One thing I want to share today is some interesting facts that I am learning about my body from my Garmin watch and My Fitness Pal. If I could print the charts out you would see the major correlation that food, insulin, exercise, stress and sleep all have together. I eat right my insulin comes inline, exercise enhances that. As my insulin corrects so does my stress and my sleep. I am always amazed at how much effect food has on our bodies, good or bad.

I will continue to leave updates and again I hope this helps someone in a positive way. If you ever want to get into specifics of anything I have posted, shoot me an email.

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