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Summer Time Change

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Often times, summer is the time we forget about taking care of ourselves and just doing a lot of summer time activities. Well this summer has been a transformational one for me, I call my summer time change. I wrote a few things about what I have been doing but I want to walk through my transformational summer for you.

This spring I joined a biggest loser contest at work and I failed teribly. I decided right then I needed to make a big change. I joined Optivia, a group that focuses on eating 6 times a day and eating prepared foods that they provide. I started to do better, dropping some weight and feeling better. I quickly learned that it really was just a balanced macro meal program. I started to add some regular foods with the same macro count, worked well. I will say for someone not willing to work too hard at weight loss, Optivia is a great program. I was working out most everyday and getting stronger but I still felt something was missing, I was not moving the needle on reducing my meds, one of my goals.

I still felt like I needed something different. I got an email from my work benefits program, it was for a company called Virta. This company claimed they could eliminate my diabetic meds. So on July 5th I started the program. This program puts you into ketosis and helps you maintain a low carb ketosis lifestyle. It was not easy but over time I have come to enjoy it. Of course it is restrictive with 30 grams a carbs a day, but it has almost got me to my goal.

On top of all of this I have embraced two workout routines that are building muscle and toning my 58 year old body. I have been doing a downloadable program from Vshred, Ripped in 90 days. Also a restorative program from Onnit. These two workout routines have done wonders for me.

Now for the results. I am currently 32 pounds lighter than I was from this start, but my arms, chest and thighs are bigger. I sleep better than I have for years. I have more energy and a lot of health problems have just melted away. My last A1c was 5.0, without any insulin or diabetic meds. My blood pressure meds are cut in half and I think may eventually be removed.

Ok, I know, you are saying that you can't do that. Well why not, I never thought I could get to this point, but I was determined to keep trying and I am making it. If I can do this you can too, it starts with a mindset of trying. One note I want to add, I have created links to the companies in this article, I make no money from these companies, I provided them for your benefit.

So what is your next step? Mine is to continue down this path for a more healthier life over fifty.

summer time change
summer time change

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