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The Magic Pill

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes many years ago. When people at work or family found out about this, there were so many that wanted to give me advise. But I am a natural researcher and I like to read and study on health topics. But one of the first question I would hear from all of these wanting to give me advise, so what medications do they have you on? I found this interesting how so many just added medications and did not change their habits. It was the bad habits that normally ends up being the reason of the diagnoses. Just adding medications to our problem only masked to root of the problem, it may help for a while but then the long road of doctors is the norm. But how many people do you know that just wants the magic pill, whether for weight loss, heart problems, diabetes, aching body, or any other physical problem.

The way I look at this is, we probably created our problem with bad habits, poor eating, poor balance of nutrients or lack of exercise. So why can’t we fix our problems with the same? But for most it is to hard. It is much easier to grab a pizza on the way home from work and lay on the couch and watch TV. Eating healthy foods and exercising does take some effort and some time, but don’t you think it is worth it? Don’t you think you own health is worth some effort? I sure do.

We live in a world today that gives us the ability to be low energy, easy fixing meals, and a poor overall health. I grew up on a cattle ranch, I had chores from the time I was eight. We worked hard all summer and I was a fairly active kid, we never spend time in the house. As I moved on and started working outside the ranch, I had people say, how hard of a physical worker I was. I moved into a sales position for many years and later became a manager. Well what changed? I sat behind a desk or in a truck seat, very little hard work. My eating habits was not the best and wow, 10 years later I had diabetes.

I think this example is so similar for a lot of people. But we must look at how we got to the spot we are at and then figure out how to turn it around. We also have to think about how many years did it take to get to the poor health spot and remind ourselves it may take that long to get back. We also must plan on working for it, there is no magic pill. But I firmly believe that anyone can turn their health around.

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