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This Weeks Exercise

We have decided that we need to reduce the amount of grass and make the rest of our back yard useful. We added 760 square feet of concrete around the back and side of our house. But before we did this I had to move sprinkler pipes, rain gutter drains, concrete curbing and a lot of grass. I have a shovel, a 30# steel bar and a hoe. My body can feel the workout each night after work. Today is Saturday and I started to put the landscaping back, probably will be a few weeks before I get this done. We have a very good vegetable garden but no fruit trees, we plan on adding some fruit trees to this addition.

Do our workouts always have to be the traditional weights, running, biking or gym? I don't think so, I know that what I am doing in my yard is working a specific group of muscles, so it probably would not be good if it was the same thing over and over. But I think for a week or so, this can most definitely count as my exercise. My heart rate is up, I am active for a much longer period and the sweat is pouring off of me.

Physical labor is a great method of exercise as long as you still mix it up and hit the overall body. Some yard work, a day hike, a bike ride, working on your house, whatever the activity it is better than sitting in front of the TV.

Here our some pictures of my new concrete.

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