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Vacation and Health

It has been a while since I have added to my blog, well I have been on vacation. I have taken 10 days to just relax, I have not worked, I have not written blog posts and I have not formally exercised. It was a time to just get some good family time and some relaxation. But I did watch my eating, because of diabetes I need to, but still enjoyed some Raspberry shake from Bear Lake. We all need a break from the daily routine and a time to reset.

I went to Bear Lake with my wife and a few of the kids. With the COVID scare, we took most of our own food, this made it easier to have healthy choices. We did some swimming, getting sunburns and chilling in the condo.

Today is my day to start gearing up for my normal routine. I am getting a start on my blog posts, reengaging with my exercise plan and getting a little work done around the house. It feels good to take a break but it also feels good to get back into a good routine. Vacations are just what they are intended for, a break, no need to beat yourself up for skipping exercising and maybe missing your healthy eating. But you come back refreshed and ready to get back to your healthy lifestyle.

I would like to hear how you handle vacations? what are your tricks and methods to getting back to your routine? Please comment and give me your thoughts.

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