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Welcome to Health Over Fifty

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Hello everyone, Welcome to Health Over Fifty, this is my first blog on my new site. Years ago I did some blogging and I slowly got too busy to keep it up. The last few years I have been finishing my college degree, yes I got my business degree at 55. But lately I find myself needing something to keep my mind busy. I like to write, I am not great at it, but still like to share my thoughts.

Classic Car
Classic Car

This site is about our health over fifty, as we age it gets harder to maintain our health. Our bodies are going through, I don't know what, but they just doesn't do what they use to. We are like a old classic car, a little temperamental, but a classic that needs some extra TLC.

Here I want to talk about some of that TLC we need. I hope there is something that helps you in your life and maybe we can share some ideas that will even help more. My hope is that I can help you with your health journey what ever your age is. Welcome to Health Over Fifty on Facebook

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