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Wow, What Happened to the Summer

Well what a whirlwind of things happening over the summer. All of these events has really got me derailed from my writing. But here I am getting back into the groove.

I started in April with some increasing issues with my gallbladder and in my last post I mentioned how I was pushing to stay on track with my eating. But the surgery set me back a little with my exercising. I have had one of my incisions that hasn't liked my work outs, so it has taken longer to get back into a plan.

I also had a cracked tooth that had to be pulled, I was in severe pain before I could get into a dentist to get it pulled. That was not fun.

Then I have been overwhelmed with work right now. You have heard about lumber prices at an all time high, shortages of all kinds of products and builders wanting to build more homes than last year. This has really been a hard time in my industry.

Then throw in a few little summer vacations, extra food and all of that fun.

Why do I even mention all of these things? Well life happens, that is the message I want to give today. To often we read these stories or blog post and it seems their life is just perfect. Well I am just being open and honest in my writing that it normally is not as perfect as people make them out to be. We all have struggles, set backs and things that pop up in out lives that can cause us change directions for a short time.

I think that we need to deal with these set backs but also know we have an overall plan we want to follow. I have been exercising the best that I can, I have been trying to stick to my eating habits and making the best decisions I can to keep my health on the right track. But now I am using the start of school to rededicate myself to my plan. I have one in high school and two in college. This usually puts a stronger structure in the family, so I am using this to get myself back where I want to be. I feel like I am finally healed from my surgery and I am ready to put more effort into my plan.

What patterns do you have in your life that can throw you off and also what patterns can get you back on track?

I think we have to look at our health as a life long plan, knowing it will get derailed, but knowing how to get back on track and not giving up is a key to success. Just because we have a life event that throws us off doesn't mean we have to give up.

I grew up on a ranch and we had horses we used all the time. When I was little my Dad always had to put me on the horse, it was to tall for me to get on. So I had asked for a smaller horse I could get on. My Dad bought me a POA (Pony of America) little bigger than a Shetland and looked like an Appaloosa. That horse bucked me off in the first half an hour every time I got on it. My Dad would always say, you got to get back on and show him that your not scared. Over time I got better at not being scared that he was going to buck me off, not sure it ever did anything for the horse, but it made me keep going and getting on.

We all have these stories in our life, the outcome is how we react to these events in our life.

You have heard the phrase, you got to get back on the horse!, well hope my story gives you a visual of how to get back on the horse. You all have a great day!

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