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Organic Blueberries

Eating Habits

     The first thing I want to clear up is that I am not vegetarian, vegan or any other particular type of eater. These eating habits may work for some but I have not been able to make them work for me. I eat in moderation. I believe we can have too much of any kinds of foods, we need a balance. My Virta plan has me on Nutritional Ketosis. 

     I also believe that the less processed the better. If I could grow a garden year round, I would. Much of our produce is lacking the full nutrients, that's why I take added supplements. The proper vitamins and minerals are key to remaining healthy, so the food and the supplements are two of the key topics I talk about. 

Organic Blueberries

What I have learned over the Years and Some of my Healthy Eating Habits

     I don't care who you are, eating healthy all the time is very hard to do. So many people get hung up on a diet and then go right back to where they were. What I have found that works for me, and believe me I am not perfect, is a change in habits. I don't diet, I change habits.

     When we change a habit it sticks much better than a flash in the pan diet. My habit is very much, all things in moderation and don't be so strict you fail. If I eat something that is not the best for me, I enjoy it and correct the next meal. I try to stay heavy on the vegetables and nuts. I eat some meat, not a lot and I have cheese, but not really much other dairy. The sweets are a rare occasion.

     Stir fry's and salads are a big portion of my meals. My Wife is a great cook, so I have to eat the wonderful things she fixes. But she does a great job at watching the processed foods. Please read the labels and look for products that have little ingredients or are whole foods.

     Grow a garden, the best source of healthy products you can have. Visit farmers markets,they tend to have local products that taste much better than the big stores.

     Last, I want to add, that our eating habits will be a ever evolving process and it could be a slow process.


     You have to be willing to try new foods, prepare new dishes and pay much more attention to the ingredients. Foods are a huge key to my success and I think foods were a key factor of me getting diabetes. The types and amounts of foods can make us healthy or can be harming us. 


Some of the Sites I Love to Go to for Healthy Recipes

I am always adding more great sites, stop back often for more recipes
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