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Don't Give Up!

I see so many people set goals of a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, getting more fit or just eating better, but they give up way to soon. To often people set to lofty of goals just to burn out and give up, set realistic goals, give yourself a break when you mess up and jump back in quickly. I see some that look at this as a sprint, some also may look at this as a marathon, but it is neither. Becoming healthier is a lifetime process, it doesn't stop, it is a lifetime stroll.

I am at one of those plateaus in my life right now. I am still eating well, exercising and doing the same things I have been doing, but I am not seeing the rapid changes in my body like I had been. I really need to drop about 15 more pounds, but it is not happening and I am falling into the trap of wondering if I can get there. But I then remember that I have just flatten out and it will happen. It took me over 40 years to become unhealthy, so I can't expect to get back to my final goal in just a few years.

One shift I need to do is in my exercise routine. When we get doing more cardio than strength training, our bodies will slow down our metabolism. Too much cardio can also burn muscle, there is a fine balance of the two. I have been doing more HIIT and yoga than strength training. I believe this could be a part of my plateau. Remember more muscle at our over 50 age, helps to burn the fat.

So the message today, is to just be patient, don't give up and except the fact that it does take time. Stop making the scale be the judge of your success. Instead, think positive, look at your success, how you feel after a work out and give yourself a break. Also, change up your routine, our bodies get use to a routine and sometimes we need to mix it up. These are motivation-boosting milestones on your healthy journey that you can be mindful and appreciative of. If you need someone to help motivate you, shoot me a message, I am always willing to offer some encouragement!

You Can Do It!

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