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Over 50 Health Issues

In my last post I had mentioned that I was having some health issues. The final conclusion is that my fatty Liver is affecting my spleen. I have been told to eat better, exercise and lose some weight. Well I feel like I am doing most of that right now, but I guess my body is telling to push a little harder.

My diet has been very close to the Mediterranean diet. But for me to do what the doctors are asking I need to drop the fats, white flour, rice and potatoes. If you look at the pyramid and remove meat and sweets, then limit the bottom of grains, pasta and rice, you will see my food pyramid. In the past I have felt the fats help reduce the spikes in my blood sugar, but I will give another try without the fats. I am very close to a vegan diet with no carbs, in other words I will be eating fruits, vegetables and nuts. I am also going to stop all alcohol to see if I can get my liver functioning better.

This is an example of how our bodies change as we age, we need to keep evolving our healthy lifestyle. My diabetes keeps throwing me challenges, but most times over the years it has just made me be more conscious of my eating. The past two years, I have maintained a A1c of 5.1-5.6, So my diabetes has been doing well, but even with this, our bodies can go through some changes.

What are your challenges? How are you doing at fixing your health? We all have our own challenges, but the changes we make to deal with them will determine how well we over come them.

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