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Raw Juice Cleanse, Great Detox

How many of you have heard of a 3 day juice cleanse? Many people have not and many that have, think it may not be healthy. I do a juice cleanse once or twice a year, it is not for everyone, but I like the reset. I am a diabetic and I have not had any issues with my blood sugar, I check it a lot, but the only thing I have to watch is that I may not need any insulin. The proper juices are normally a cold pressed type an a good mix of fruits and vegetables.

The cleanse is actually 7 days, 2 days of raw fruits and veggies, 3 days of juice and then 2 more days of raw fruits and veggies. The ones that are heavy beets are the only ones that cause any digestive issues for me. Many think cleanses and the first thought is diarrhea, yes some may have but not for three days.

I want to share with you the statement from Vive Juicery in Utah, that is where I purchase my juice.

“As we live, eat, and even breathe, we accumulate toxins in the body. Done correctly, juice cleansing is a great way to release those toxins by giving our bodies the break they deserve while also keeping ourselves energized and nutritionally full.

We spend an enormous amount of energy on the 24-hour process of digesting - on average, it takes approximately 18 hours to digest one meal. Taking a break from solid foods and replacing your meals with fresh, cold-pressed juice provides a chance for your body to experience brilliant nutrition with minimal effort, leaving most people feeling energized, balanced and clear-headed post-cleanse. You may notice that you sleep better, crave better foods and have a healthy glow added to your complexion.

Although cleanses are popular after stressful times, post-holiday season or when we start to feel a bit sluggish, we believe that any time is a great time to cleanse. With up to four pounds of produce in every bottle and your daily dose of six times that (5 cold-pressed juices + 1 vanilla almond milk), we've got you covered no matter if you're cleansing with us one day or five. Your body says thank you in advance.”

When I talk to others about my cleanses, the first reaction is, don’t to feel hungry all the time? No, I don’t. The theory is that when you are giving your body the proper vitamins and minerals it will not feel hungry. I have done this many times and as long as I space my drinks out evenly throughout the day, I don’t feel hungry. Read more about this, your body will love you for it.

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