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The Effects of COVID 19

I posted an article back in November talking about getting COVID. We here I am almost a month later and I am still dealing with the affects of this strange virus. I went through two weeks of having head and chest cold symptoms. I was not severely sick, but still put me back a bit. After two weeks I still was coughing but I got back to my routine, exercising and trying to get past this. Last week I was back in the Doctors office, my lungs had gotten worse, terrible cough, could not exercise, the cold air hurt my lungs and I was not improving. I Doctor told me that there is a lot of people dealing with the same thing, inflamed lung membranes. I was put on two different steroids to reduce the inflammations, I am on day four and it seems to be working.

I share this to be honest and real on my posts. I have slipped on the exercise program, the steroids have my blood sugar completely out of wack and all of this is life that hits us in the face. I am hoping that I get feeling better over the weekend and I get back to some normalcy before Christmas.

We are all going to have setbacks in our lives, in our programs and in our healthy lifestyles. But it is not forever, we hope. We will get back to them if we are dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle, I know I am. I will keep you informed as this progresses and also have a Happy Holiday!

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