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Catching Up

Well it has been a while since I had a chance to catch up here. My everyday life has gotten very busy. I work for a company that merged with another large company in January. My job is similar, I just have a lot of added responsibilities, along with merging. Also with Covid - 19 getting better, I am working more away from my home. It has been very interesting how we quickly we moved to home and filled our day up with meetings, call or whatever to get our jobs done. But now I need to add drive time to getting to all the locations I work with and I just don't have the time to get everything done. Just proves that working from home can be very efficient for the right type of job. Well that is a little catch up with my work life.

But with my health life I have had a little set back, but I want to tell you where I am headed. After having Covid in November, I really struggled getting back into my routine. The holidays hit, times were busy and then with the added stress at work, I just got out of balance with my health and exercising. I also was not feeling very well, which had me in to the Doctor for some test. Well they decided to take my Gallbladder out. I had this done this past Friday.

Having this surgery has given me an opportunity to do a reset on my healthy lifestyle and get myself back to where I need to be. So I came home from my surgery Friday and I started a Juice Cleanse from Vive Juicery. I will be on this for most of the week. I plan on going back to a more plant based eating over April and see if this gets me back to where I was last fall. I won't be able to exercise for a few weeks but I will gradually get back to it.

Here is a picture of my meals for the next week, this is for my Wife and I. These Juice Cleanses really do reset my blood pressure, blood glucose and make me feel so much better. They have a couple of cold press soups you can do along with the cleanse.

The may reason I wanted to share this is because we all have hectic lives, we have disruptions to our plans and health issues can still come up when we are doing good. But we just need to hit reset and start over. I hear so many people say that they had this or that happen and I just can't stay on track. No reason to completely stop trying, I have been doing this for years and I know how much better I feel when I am participating in my healthy life style. As we get older it gets harder to stay on track, but I also think it is more rewarding when we do.

I hope that My stories will help you in some way.

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