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Keep Moving Forward

The past few posts I have been talking about how I have been struggling but working to get back on track. This week has been pretty good. I got my every other day exercise in, trying to build back up to lifting again. Working more on balancing my sugar numbers, but I am having some weird spikes. I am finding that some of the higher carb foods is shooting my numbers higher than previously. A banana for example, I could eat a banana for breakfast and use 18 units of insulin. but today I am using 28 and I will still spike. I find myself using more insulin but then I am having lows. I think I am reaching a point that some foods I need to just remove from my diet.

I just turned 58 this week and as I age I see changes in my body that I have never dealt with. One is a much slower raise in my numbers. I can eat a very reasonable meal for lunch, take my insulin and then have a four hour slow increase in my numbers. Anyone else having this happen?

Diabetes can be a very frustrating disease, with constant changes happening. I am so much more in tune with my body than I have ever been, these changes are things I can feel and recognize. I use to not carry my insulin with me at work lunches, I would just eat light, a salad or something and be fine. I have needed to get in the habit of always taking my insulin. Once you finally get in the habit it is not that bad. Getting in the groove with your body, recognizing changes and adapting is what we just have to do.

"I will continue to change and I will continue to work on staying on track", this has to be my driving quote. I wish you all the best in your endeavors of dealing with your diabetes. Keep driving to be your best!

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