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The Reality of Life

Sometimes, our lives just get off track, and that is the reality of life. As much as I like to say I stay on my meal plans and maintain a good exercise program, I occasionally get off track. This article is open and honest that taking care of our health after 50 and with diabetes is challenging. None of us are perfect, and we can veer off track from time to time, but the best thing is to recognize this and work to get back.

Mental Struggle

This past fall, my work had some significant changes; my schedule got all messed up. The holidays came, the time was busy, and I just got out of my routine. I have been doing ok with my eating habits and remaining on my low-carb keto plan. However, I have struggled to get back into my exercise routine. I strained some muscles shoveling snow, pushing me farther from my routine.

April is approaching, and I still have not gotten back on track. I am writing this article in hopes that it will help my motivation level and help me get going again. I can feel my health slipping; my A1c has crept up to 5.7, still not bad, but I can't let it slip too far. In the past month, I passed the 60-year mark, and I feel how important it is to maintain our health and how easily it can decline when we don't.

I have been dealing with a major head cold and congestion. My first thought was, "Man, this cold is rough. Is this my age and turning 60?" But the more I think about it, the more I realize it is exercise and drive to remain healthy. I think our age is less prevalent than how well we care for ourselves. All this coming together at this time got me to understand how people can easily slip into poor health. This realization has helped me get motivated and drives that desire to remain healthy.

Now, I think I have my mind in the right place, which usually is the biggest obstacle; I am ready to get back on track. I plan on starting by walking and doing yoga once a week. After a few weeks, I will include a few nights of weight training. It will take me 30 days to return to where I was, but I am determined to make it happen.

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