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The Work Lunch Stress

Do you have a hard time eating healthy while you are working and invited to lunches? This can be something that can get you off of your eating game. I manage 10 locations and close to 500 people, I am invited to a lot of lunch events, this can really be a struggle if you don't have control over the foods you eat. This past couple of weeks I have been faced with this struggle. But for the most part I did well.

If you have been keeping up with my past posts, I am eating six times a day and managing my macros. This has helped me to eliminate my short acting insulin and the amount of long acting insulin I use. I have reduced my resting heart rate and lowered my blood pressure. I have dropped 15 pounds and I can tell I am getting leaner. Everything seems to be improving each week.

So how did I manage my food intake and manage my macros while in these work situations? First of all it is much easier if you go to a nicer restaurant that lets you mix things up. A seafood restaurant is great, a broiled piece of halibut and steamed veggies works perfect. Breakfast foods can work, a veggie omelette. Fish tacos, salads or even just ordering an appetizer or side of something. What is hard for me is sandwich shops, pizza and pasta places.

One other thing I do that helps, is keeping some protein bars with me. Go to lunch and tell the people your with that you have diabetes and that eating out can be a challenge. Order an unsweetened ice tea and a small dinner salad, conduct the meeting and after eat a protein bar. These situations can really cause ups and downs in your numbers. Some people have a bad experience and will call this a failure and then continue to go back to old habits. If you have one bad situation with one meal, no problem, just get back to it.

Eating out really can become difficult, but it doesn't half too. When my Wife and I go out we may split a meal or even plan to take half home. We are often served to much food and also over sweetened food. The restaurants what you to like the food and feel satisfied, they are not watching out for your health, that is on you. Again I hope this reaches someone that it may help. Please email me if you have any questions. I will continue to keep an update going.

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