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Back Pain and Aging Body

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Most of my posts on this site have been more food and diabetes related. Today I want to talk more about some basic mobility functions that tend to happen to all of us. As you know I have a strong exercise regimen and try very hard to keep up on it. But in the first part of December, I found myself struggling with a very sore and stiff back. My first thought for this was all the snow we have had and the added shoveling. Well, I am finding out that all the sitting I am doing at work is causing me some issues.


I want to talk about the great benefits of being active, but even more the need to do select stretches and strengthening of your own issue. Even more precise, let talk about the Fascia. You may or may not understand what the Fascia is, so let me explain. The Fascia is the thin membrane that holds everything in our body together, wrapping around all our muscles. If this membrane gets damaged or tight, we can feel the pain from it. Stretching this membrane helps to relieve stress and possible injury.

After multiple visits to my Chiropractor, he determined that my core strength was not sufficient compared to my upper body strength and that I needed to do some of these stretch’s I just talked about. Like I said, I work out a lot and I guess I thought I was working my total body, I was doing some basic yoga and I guess I was just missing the key spots that contributed to my back issues.

I started a yoga video I got from called the Pelvic Reset. Within four days I was finally getting relief from my pain after a month of an aching back. This just shows you how getting the proper routine for our issues really works. I reviewed my normal workouts and found I was not hitting the glutes enough and the big one was stretching the hip flexors in the front. I also was not focusing on stretching my Fascia. I love finding ways to take care of myself rather than heading to the Doctor.

But this brings me to our general activity levels as we age. I have watched my own father, who was active and hard working his whole life, reach a point where he just can’t get around like he used to. I know that exercising like I do is not for everyone but getting any kind of activity can really help with your overall mobility.

If you are looking for a program that gives you a low impact workout, but still helps then take a look at these options.

This is written by Christian Simmons, and he hits on some good points. Christian also has another article talking about chair exercises for those having a hard time standing.

I would suggest that as we age, we all need to get more active. I have found that my job has me sitting in a chair much more than I used to and I think this is very common. Look for those easy ways to get a little more activity, take the stairs, get a stand-up desk, go for a walk on your lunch or do some of these chair exercises. Finding any activity will help, I will keep you posted on my yoga and back pain.

Great chatting like always and I hope life treats you well.

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