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ProArgi-9+ is the Best L-Arginine Supplement for Improved Blood Circulation

Hey everyone, hope you're doing well! This is a little different post than I normally write, but I feel so passionate about this product I want to give you more information about it. I have taken this off and on since 2009, I currently have been back on it and it really makes a difference in my circulation, I just feel the need to share this today.


As we age and most definitely with diabetes, we slowly have more and more circulation issues. This is why heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, fluid retention and neuropathy develop. We need to keep our blood vessels flexible; this flexibility helps to break up the plaque buildup that accumulates over time. Circulation issues can play a major role, in many different health issues, and if we can, we need do something to help with this. Exercising, eating a healthy lifestyle and supplements have help me with this.


This leads me to take about a product from Synergy Worldwide called Proargi-9+. I have taken this for 14 years. I have stopped several times but really notice the different of not taking it. One of the biggest things I notice is my cold feet. When I am taking it, I very seldom get cold feet, but when I am not, they are always cold. This proves to me that it helps with circulation. I took this directly from Synergy’s website, they can explain it better than I can. “Synergy WorldWide’s flagship product is the revolutionary ProArgi-9+. Known as the world’s highest quality l-arginine supplement, ProArgi-9+ has a clinically proven, formula that works powerfully to support your body’s blood circulation.

One of the many benefits of ProArgi-9+ is its ability to enhance blood flow to vital organs, including those organs that compose the human gut. As your gut houses trillions of important, functioning microbes, it is your microbiome “ground zero,” and it deserves your care. Allow ProArgi-9+ to increase blood flow to the gut, delivering the essential vitamins found in its formula, and amplifying the effects of the Purify program.


  • Significantly and rapidly increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body

  • Supports overall cardiovascular health

  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response

  • Enhances blood flow to vital organs

  • Combats the negative effects of premature cardiovascular aging

  • Protects against aterial damage and reduces the occurence of LDL oxidation withing the body

  • May aid in decreasing body fat and helps in building muscle mass

This product has been a great part of my health plan and I wanted to share it with you today. I have tried so many different products over the years, decided something may be cheaper or better, but I just keep coming back to Synergy Worldwide. Here is the part that comes with this, this is a MLM company, which I love, but I don’t participate in the MLM program. You will need to go to my link to purchase, but you don’t need to sign up to be a distributor. Order Proargi-9+ Here. Synergy has a lot of other great products, and I don’t want to shadow the importance of Proargi-9+ in this post. One thing to remember, it took years to get your unhealthy body to its state today, it is going to take more than a week of making a change to reverse the damage. Keep up the good work and your body will tank you!


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