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Updated: Aug 19, 2023

We have all heard of people making New Year’s resolutions and we probably have made them ourselves. But how many really make it happen? The statistic state that 38% of the U.S. population make some type of resolution and 59% of this group is under the age of 34. Of these resolutions it is estimated that 48% have to do with exercising or losing weight. Now for the shock, 23% quit in the first week and only 9% are considered successful. Some other information found is why, 35% quit because of motivation and 19% are to busy. As we study the data, we find that nearly 43% will fail by the end of February, where are you at as we near the end of February?

I have said this before, make a lifetime change and don’t look at changes in our life with an ending date. If we truly want to change something about ourselves it must be continuous and with no end date. Goals often have an end, then what do we do? Revert to our old habits? Life changing events are life long, changing how we eat, continually exercising, learning something new or building a business, these are all continuous mindsets.

I read an article from Foundry ( and it had an play on words, make SMART plans.

1. S-Specific

2. M-Measurable

3. A-Achievable

4. R-Realistic

5. T-Time Based

One big thing they added in the article was, have a support system, which I think is key. One other noted comment was to recognize your own roadblocks. If you have failed before, you probably know what these obstacles are.

For me the biggest motivation has been to look at things as a life change. I am not running a race and trying to get to the end of the race. I am just living and moving forward every day, there is no end. I may take a rest, my slip ups, but then I am back up and moving forward. As we set our mindset this way, whatever our change is becomes a habit and much less to end. As a diabetic, I tell myself I don’t have a choice to stop, or my disease will get worse. This helps my desire and motivation, but at this point in my life it is a daily routine and is continual.

Back to my question, where are you in the beginning of the year? Are you having doubts? How bad do you want your change? Are you willing to work on your change forever? It may be time for you to create a different mindset and build a plan. Success is not all about motivation, it is more about recognizing obstacles, and finding ways to get past them. Let me know your ways that you find success!


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