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Rucking Challenge - Mission 22

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

I have mentioned Rucking is some of my last posts. It is a great way to get good exercise with less impact on your body and the best thing is it gets you outside. I have been getting out two times a week through January and February, not that pleasant because it has been cold and snowy, but trying to build up before summer.

Well sometimes we need a little boost to keep us going, so I just joined a challenge that will keep me moving. It is 48 miles Rucking in the month of March. Here is a link to the Facebook page and it is a good cause.

Here is an overview.

The 48 Mile Ruck March Challenge in March to support Mission 22! The money raised will get veterans and their families into programs when they need it most. This is free for anyone to enter and it is all to help raise money and awareness around suicides within the Veteran community. I know for me it will be a challenge to help me get into better shape and hopefully along the way I can help our Veteran community.

Mission 22

"Mission 22 provides support to Veterans and their families when they need it most: right now. Through a comprehensive approach of outreach, events, and programs, we’re promoting long-term wellness and sustainable growth."


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