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Surviving Low Carb or Keto

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

One of the biggest issues I hear from people, trying to remain on a low carb or keto lifestyle, is the same foods just get boring. It can get old eating the same foods all the time, so you must do some exploring for things that work for you. One example for me was bread, I loved sandwiches and wanted to continue eating them, easy protein but the bread just didn’t fit the low carb, keto lifestyle. I tried all kinds of Keto bread but they either spiked my blood sugar or tasted terrible. I had finally decided that I was not going to find a solution and kind of gave up. Then one day I ran across zero net carb tortilla, thought a wrap is close to a sandwich, they worked great, no sugar spike and tasted good, this is now a quick meal to go to.

One of my egg breakfasts
My Breakfast

I love eggs so breakfast was an easy meal for me, but even if we love something eating it every day can get old, I again tried a lot of different things. I ended up making Chaffles, they were great. But later I came across Catalina Crunch cereal, and they won me over. A little cereal with no carb milk and a few berries is great.

Then I reworked my coffee! I wanted something that gave me some extra healthy fats, butter and MCT oil. I found BulletProof Creamer and BulletProof Collagen; I love this in my coffee. I drink both hot coffee and cold brew. These products can go straight into your hot coffee. But when you're doing cold brew, heat up a half cup of water and mix these two into the hot water before mixing in the cold brew. This is something I have every day.

I have been eating this lifestyle for over a year and have found a lot of great foods that gives me variety. I have also found a lot of foods I just can’t do. I try to stick to Whole Foods as much as possible. I always keep a roasted chicken from Costco in the fridge. Easy to eat plain, in a salad or whatever. Also look for sugar free condiments. BBQ sauce, honey mustard and hot sauce are my favorites, this allows you to add to some things and mix it up.

I think one of the biggest things that you must learn is how to cook, if you rely on prepared or processed foods, you will probably dislike a lot of things. Get on some good Keto recipe sites and start trying things out. Egg roll in a bowl is my top meal today. There are so many great things that you can cook and alter to make work for you. Also cook extra so you have some in the fridge for another meal.

But what about the rest of the family? When you are living with a spouse or children, they probably don’t want to eat like you. But if you really get into cooking, this may surprise you. Egg roll in a bowl is a family favorite, meat and some sort of vegetable is also a hit. But sometimes they eat something else, and I find my own. Help them understand why and hopefully your healthy eating rubs off.

I think a key I want to make, is trying to avoid over process foods or foods that have a ton of ingredients you can’t pronounce. I have always enjoyed cooking, but now I find it a necessity and I have really got into experimenting with different meals. There are so many options out there to try and explore. Go to In and Out and order a Double Double, animal style and protein style, this may just change our thoughts on fast food! You will have to wash your hands after… Get out there and explore how low carb or keto can be an easy plan!

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