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Virta Health Review

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

For the last three months I have been on a program with Virta Health. This was a program offered through my work and I had never heard of it. But after some conversations with the people at Virta I decided to give it a try. My biggest reservation was following a nutritional Ketosis eating plan, but surprisingly I have done pretty well with it. I have lost over 30 pounds, my last A1c was 5.0 and I have seen improvement in my blood pressure. I was doing meal time insulin every meal but now I am off of all my diabetic meds. So with those results, I think it has worked well.

Managing diabetes is really a numbers game, based around the amount of carbs you eat each meal. If you reduce those carbs, then you will reduce the glucose spikes. Ketosis is a low carb meal plan, you keep your carbs under 30 grams a day. Ketosis also moves from burning carb energy to fat energy, this allows you body to burn the excess fat in your body, allowing the the weight loss. Some will argue the long term health implications, but there are becoming a lot more studies showing the benefits of a Ketosis meal plan.

The biggest problem for me has been missing bread. I was always a sandwich eater and not having bread has been tough. I have been trying some Keto bread recipes and some are not too bad. But other than the bread I really have done fine with the eating, I was always a lower carb eater, so it was not a huge change for me.

I wrote this Virta Health Review to recommend them to anyone with diabetes or obesity and to encourage them to give this a try, your insurance may even pay for the testing supplies.

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