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Diabetic Goals

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

What help do you need with controlling your diabetes? I know that there are many that are looking for help like I am, having similar goals and wanting better overall health. But before I get into talking about goals, plans or ideas, I need to remind you that everyone is different. We all have different lifestyles, different genes and different struggles. So one plan doesn't fit all and I am not a Doctor, just putting my thoughts out there.

My diabetes goals included several things. I wanted to reduce the medications, metformin and others similar messed my digestive track up, constantly going to the bathroom. Next was to become a healthy eater and create a healthy lifestyle. Like many, I needed to lose some weight. This was my short list of goals that got me working on myself.

Where I was at several years ago?

Let's talk about my medications. Several years ago I was taking Metformin, short and long acting insulin. I was taking two different high blood pressure meds and taking a statin. Because of my diet I took a daily acid reducer for heartburn. along with the prescriptions I took a lot of supplements. I was not exercising enough, my body ached and I was not in a very healthy state, even though I thought I was doing what I needed to for my diabetes. I constantly went through different stages of doing better then doing worse. I needed to do something different to balance my health out.

My Diabetic reading
My Diabetic Reading

Where am I today?

I am in a way better place, but the changes will still keep coming. I am in a constant growth and change mode, I will not settle or say I am done. I currently take my long acting insulin, no more meal time shots. I am on half a dose of my two high blood pressure meds. I still take a fair amount of supplements, but some of these are even reduced. I am in better shape than I was in my twenties. I am learning to change my body with food and exercise. My A1c is in check, I am only ten pounds off of my goal, I am not trying to be at the recommended BMI, will always be above. I feel better than I have in a long time, better sleep and just a better overall lifestyle. I have a resting heart rate of 52, which is awesome for my age.

The image to the left is my last 90 days of blood glucose reading, from my CGM. as you can see my numbers are staying in the recommended range. I usually don't have any issues with going low, mine is all about keeping my number down. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, my A1c was 11.7.

Is this easy? no it is not. but like anything in life we want to achieve, it takes some effort and consistency. Can you see these kind of changes in a few months? probably not. This has been years of trial and error, but following my story and putting continual effort in, you can do this and probably in a shorter time than me. Making these kind of lifestyle changes are hard, but well worth it.

Thanks for reading along. I hope this helps someone in their own journey.

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