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The Crazy Diabetic Balancing Act

Last week I wrote how I was struggling to get back on track with my diabetic control. This week is still just a struggle, I really feel like the circus clowns spinning the plates on the sticks. You have family matters, work, eating, exercising, tracking your blood sugar and taking insulin shots. Trying to keep all of these things in harmony is sometimes difficult. When we get these factors out of wack it is hard to get back in the groove.

My work has to be the one thing that is disrupting my balance. We are busy, we have continual shortages and people are generally frustrated. This is causing me more time at work and wearing me out after a 12 hour day. I did do better with my eating and with the CGM device I am keeping my sugars in a pretty good place. I am learning that with the CGM, I am having more lows in the night that I thought. The plate I dropped this week, is not getting the exercising in and I know that will make a huge difference with a lot of things.

I am here to tell you that being a diabetic is not an easy thing. If you hear someone say that their diabetes is not a big deal, then they are probably not controlling it like they should. Do I do better at times, absolutely, but I also have very hard time. so when you are struggling with maintaining your sugar levels, remember we all have our ups and downs.

The word of wisdom this week is to keep trying, don't give up and realize that we all struggle. Have a great week!

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