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Stages of Your Journey

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

We are all at different stages of our journey. Whether we are just aging and feeling the effects of getting older, or dealing with a disease like diabetes. We all have different journeys and will be at different stages. But that shouldn’t mean we give up or don’t try to improve our health and change the course of our journey.

I am 59 years old, I was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 20 years ago. I have been on my healthy lifestyle journey for most of that 20 years and the years prior to that was my journey of getting diabetes. Some people are born with diabetes, some have genes that raise the percentage of getting it and some like me, just lived a crappy lifestyle and ended up with it. As long as it may take to get us into poor health, it may take just as long getting out. This is why so many fail at life changes, it doesn’t fix over night, it is hard and it is a change. As humans we don’t adapt to change very well, doesn’t mean we can’t, just means it takes extra effort.

So where are you in your journey? Headed down the path of poor health and premature aging? Already on the train and trying to get off? Or are you just jumping off the train and looking for the path of your new journey? Wherever you may be, it takes effort and hard work. You may need someone to help guide you and help you through the tough times. But I can tell you, that anyone can do this, you can change your life if you want. I will use that key word “want”. To often I get asked how I have lost so much weight, how I corrected my diabetes or how I have reduced my medications. When I start telling them the steps that it takes, I immediately get, “ well I couldn’t do that”. With that attitude you probably can’t, you have just defeated yourself.


The first step in Alcohol or Drug abuse recover is admitting you have a problem. Eating poorly is the same or maybe even harder. We have food in front of us at all times and it takes will power to advoid things that taste good. But we have to admit we need to change, notice I did not say diet, we must create a lifestyle change and it has to be forever! Diets are temperary and give an illusion of an end. Lifestyle changes are just that, life changes!

So back to the question, where are you at in your journey? We will all be at different stages, but the more we help and encourage each other, just like that AA meeting in an old church on Tuesdays, we may find a way to get on the healthy journey. I would like to think that I can help create that support group. The internet makes it much easier to build this. I am going to keep putting my message out on this site. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I am always willing to listen, one of my better traits. I can’t fix you, that has to be you, but like I said, I can listen!

Good luck finding your path to a healthier you!

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