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Today, I'm sitting here testing out a new method of putting my articles together. I am doing an AI generated recording that will transcribe into my blog notes. This is a prime example of how our lives are ever-changing and technology continues to change and evolve. I am at a point where I am going to turn 60 in less than 30 days, and I look at my health and where I'm at today, what I've achieved, but what keeps changing?

Several months ago, I felt like I was doing extremely well, my health was in line, my A1C was 5.1. But recently I have gone through a series of having some muscle ailments or issues with my shoulder, which has not allowed me to keep up my exercise program as well as I would like. When we find ourselves not being able to exercise and work on our health, I tend to fall backwards on my eating habits.

So, with this is why I talk about our ever-changing health, as we all go through phases, we have ups and downs, and our health changes with these ups and downs. My last A1C was 5.7, so even though, as a diabetic, that's not a bad number, it has gone up. But I feel like this is so much to do with how I exercise, how I eat, what I do every day. With my push for a regimented process, I've been able to main pretty good numbers.

But as we go through life, as we age, as things happen to change, our bodies change, our habits change, whatever you call it changes, and we have to be ever evolving with our health.

I just attended my dad's 93rd birthday. He is still living at home by himself, pretty much taking care of himself. He is very clear, he can't walk as well as he used to, he does have to use a walker, but at 93 and living alone is a pretty good accomplishment. I look back on his life and what did he do?  in my opinion, to get where he is today, he worked hard every day.

He was up in the morning, he owned a cattle ranch, he was out working, and he worked right up until the time he just physically couldn't do that anymore, and that was only a few years ago. I think oftentimes we look at our lives and just being active completely changes our outlook on life. When we're in our homes, we don't get out, I think our health tends to go downhill.

So anyway, with that, it's my message today, with looking at our ever-changing life, we need to be in a constant mode of change. Again, I'm testing a new technology here today, we all need to look at how our life continues to change. We have to be accepting of that, and we have to be willing to adjust.

One thing my doctor keeps telling me is I may have to go back on metformin or go back on a medication as I age. That's something I'll have to determine at some point in my life. How well can I manage my diabetes with eating and exercise and is there a point when I have to do something beyond that. We must be open and acceptable of change.

It's inevitable. We will have change at some point our lives.

So, with that, my message today is accepting change is not bad. Look at that ever-evolving change that we must deal with in life and take the change and hope that it moves us in a better direction.

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