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Health Over Fifty

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Wondering why I have a blog around Health Over Fifty? Well, I was diagnosed with diabetes close to 20 years ago. As I was learning my ways around dealing with my diabetes, I had a lot of people offering tips and help for me to follow. In this process I started to do a lot of studying and doing different test on myself. As I was doing this, I was learning that a lot of the advice I was getting was wrong. One example was from an older gentleman that did not want to give up his pancake, eggs, and bacon for breakfast every morning. He would get up, fix his breakfast, and then go for a long walk to work off the carbs. Now this was better than just eating the breakfast, but probably not the best advice. So, with this I start to offer up my own advice, just my opinion and things I have tried, and I was over fifty and that is where the Health Over Fifty came from.

Now I am going to be 60 next year and it makes me wonder if I need to rename? I guess I am still over Fifty. But over the fast 20 years I have learned a lot more than just dealing with diabetes, I have also learned a lot around healthy foods and exercising. The biggest thing I have learned is that you need to create a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits and a good exercise program. These components are the building blocks to my healthy life with diabetes.

I am not an expert, I am not someone that has a vast education on diabetes, I am a person that has put a lot of time and effort into changing how I deal with my diabetes. I have gone from a 11.7 A1c, when I was diagnosed, to a fully dependent on insulin, to someone that keeps his A1c around 5 and completely off insulin. This did not happen overnight; this was over a 20-year period. But I have got into my best shape, reduced my insulin, and got my blood sugars numbers in a consistent state over the past 5 years.

Like I said, create a lifestyle around healthy eating, consistent exercise and adding supplements that can help with all of this. I currently do not make any money off anything from this website. I am only offering information to help others that are dealing with diabetes or a poor lifestyle. I am an open book and willing to help.



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