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It Can Be Over Whelming

In the last several posts I have talked about how I have lowered my insulin usage and been able to maintain a more balanced blood glucose number. I have also lost 15 pounds and slowly building some muscle back. I have also dropped my resting heart average and lowered my blood pressure, but I am still on blood pressure medicine. For a 58 year old, I think that is pretty good. But I continue to read and work on myself.

I have put a lot of time into where I am today and I will say that it can be over whelming. There are so many critics and people that think you should do things their way. But in my age I don't care to much about what people think of me, advantage of getting older, I don't always listen to everything someone tells me. What I have learned on this journey of a healthier life, is that whatever you do, has to work for you.

Part of what I do is tracking my Macros, balancing my calories, carbs, fat and protein. I use an app that I put things in, but I am not exact, I don't weigh every bit of food I eat. I tried this before and I spent way to many hours meal prepping and obsessing about what I was eating. I happen to be on a very popular Macro FB Group and there are so many questions around exact number, how to weigh food, before or after you cook and on and on. If you are truly wanting to build a muscular body with zero fat, you may need to do this but for many it is just about getting healthier. There are so many plans, fads, books, apps or whatever you want to call them. I will say there is a lot of good in all of it, but we are all different and we need to find things that are sustainable and create long time better health.

I feel like I am reaching a very good spot in my journey and I am sure I will have times I get off track, but my plan doesn't fit my spouse the same as it does me. She is very supportive and helps me so much, but she doesn't have diabetes and can chose to do things her way. I respect that and we do great together. We don't always eat the same meals but it still works. I am sure many of you have a very similar situation, but do what works for you.

The point I really want to make today, continue down your path of health, try new things and see what helps you. Weed out the plans that don't work and work on building plans that do. I have contemplated becoming a Diabetic Health Coach, but I can't be sure what works for me will work for you. This is why I like to write, I can share my thoughts, my wins and my loses. I hope that all the subjects I bring up can someday help someone get their health in order. Please reach out if I can be of support to you.

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